CALEOS is a block producer & dApp development team

we appreciate your vote for 'caleosblocks' on both Telos and EOS

what we believe


Blockchain technology is revolutionizing all aspects of our lives from business & financial services, entertainment, culture & art, to community engagement, politics, and government. With the advent of the AntelopeIO software, limitations previously hindering other blockchain networks' performance & application are no longer an issue. With lightning-fast, feeless transactions coupled with horizontal scalability & inter-blockchain communication, we can accomplish what we couldn't before.

What We Do


We have years of experience building full-stack web applications. We plan to enrich the community with dApps that provide services, informative analytical tools, and entertainment.

Server Infrastructure & Management

We have experience with various forms of scalability. From short term bursting using cloud services such as AWS to long term bare metal infrastructure to support the needs of enterprise applications.

Block Production

We are an early contributor and bare-metal block producer on the Telos Blockchain Network. We also operate as a bare-metal block producer on EOS and support #MyvoteEOS. We appreciate your vote for 'caleosblocks'.


CALEOS is 100% self-funded, owned & operated. We believe community members, investors, and block producers should operate in a way that benefits the community as a whole. We believe in upholding the standards & ethics established by each community & network we support whether public or private.

our commitment


  1. Governance
    We solemnly declare to uphold and abide by democratically agreed upon governing rules & procedures described in the Telos Governance Documents and to uphold any non-disclousure agreements with other blockchain networks we support whether public or private. We will not comply with any requests that are forbidden by governance rules, procedures, or NDAs.

  2. Arbitration Decisions
    We will abide by, follow, and enforce all arbitration decisions that are enacted, without delay in accordance with the Telos Blockchain Network Arbitration Rules & Procedures along with arbitration standards & procedures established by all networks we support. We will abstain from publishing opinions on active arbitration.

  3. High Network Performance
    We will operate effectively & efficiently in accordance with the Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement along with any other supported networks' requirements. We will meet & exceed Telos Block Producer Minimum Requirements. We will always place the highest priority on investing back into the required network infrastructure and people to enable all of the networks we support to perform at the highest level and scale effectively.

  4. Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics
    As a block producer, we will always act with honesty, integrity and apply the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. This includes abiding by all aspects of the governance & arbitration, compliance, and community engagement.

  5. Political and Operational Independence
    CALEOS will maintain full political and operational independence at all times. We will not directly manage or operate more than one block producing node within any singular AntelopeIO-based blockchain.

  6. Commitment to Token-holders
    We commit to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the community wherever conversations are being held, regardless of the size of the stake or the number of tokens held. We commit to listening, understanding, and achieving consensus with the token-holder community. We encourage constructive dialogue & criticism as well as collaboration & support within the entire AntelopeIO community.

  7. Cooperation
    We welcome all opportunities to cooperate with other global block producers, regardless of geographic location, that do not compromise our financial, political, or operational independence. We believe that cooperation is healthy for the whole ecosystem and allows for the completion of tasks larger than ourselves, including, but not limited to coordinating software upgrades, properly diversifying network infrastructure across wide geopolitical regions, and always listening to the community’s voice. We believe in cooperation between AntelopeIO chains.

  8. Financial Independence
    CALEOS is 100% self-funded, owned & operated. We will maintain full financial independence at all times. This includes no operational control by any outside investors and no ownership stake held by any individual or entity that holds vested interests in other network block producers.

  9. Transparency
    CALEOS will provide transparency into our operating team, ownership and financials. We will always fully disclose all blockchain networks we support and participate in, along with any dapp partnerships & collaboration. Our team will be transparent to each community and will always seek to exceed ongoing community transparency requirements as they evolve.

who we are




Don is a software engineer experienced with a variety of technologies & languages. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science & physics from UCSC and currently persuing a master's in computer science at Georgia Tech. He has been involved in the cryptocurrency community since 2013.

Jesse Schulman

Jesse has a general passion for technology. He has a solid background in global infrastructure having survived extreme growth with a large enterprise SaaS vendor. His transition into development came out of necessity and curiosity as he sought to automate as many operational tasks as he possibly could. Jesse's current focus is on development and software architecture, but he still keeps his hands dirty with managing infrastructure.

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